Sunday, March 22, 2015

Old Snapshots Volume 1--Quirky Short Stories from Out of the Past

I have just published my first ebook and my first collection of semi-fictional short stories, called "Old Snapshots Volume 1--Quirky Short Stories from Out of the Past." As I like to say about this collection, "All of these stories could have happened...maybe."

Cointaining thirteen stories totalling just under 21,000 words, it's a bit short to publish as a print book. And as "Volume 1" in the title suggests, there may be more to come soon. But the stories are a good, fun read for a mere $4.99 on whatever device you care to read them. Especially if you remember or are interested in everyday life in the later decades of the 20th century.

"Old Snapshots" includes stories about an underground radio station with a mysterious "seductive" voice. A psychedelic party at Grandma's house. The friendship between a lonely young woman and a 12-year-old boy. A rock 'n' roll band that tried to "get with the '80s." Teenage boys bested by a 13-year-old female cousin. A cute and sweet girlfriend from hell. The misadventures of a nightclub dee-jay-for-a-day. A junkyard where the neighborhood kids hung out. How a young waitress handled an unruly teenage friend. A beer can monument and the woman who hated it. A really, really nasty old man hosting a bizarre public access cable show. The adversarial friendship between a cynical male writer and his younger female editor. A civil defense alert.

"Old Snapshots" is available via and various ebook retailers. For more information, check out You can also find out more about this, my print publications and and a few free online articles similar to what you've read on the Analog Age Blog by going to